The Téléclubs

Eat well while soaking up the local culture and play traditional games

  It’s called Teleclub because it dates back to the time when the only TV in the village was in this room. Many have annex rooms used for family parties, receptions, music, yoga and dance

Teleclubs are a real institution on the island of Lanzarote. This also exists throughout rural Spain.

You will find a sociedad in each village and they are generally run by a family who stand for a manager election every three years. So the managers are careful to offer good food and drinks enjoyed by all at reasonable prices this year. which ensures them re-election .

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Restaurant La Ermita

Restauration locale

téléclub Mancha Blanca

 croisement LZ 67/LZ56

calle Pico Partido, 2,


Mancha Blanca village also hosts an « Ermita » chapel of the Virgin of Sorrows, a few houses clinging to the side of a nearby volcano. a small car park near a village hall and adjoining this hall, the village teleclub: a long counter, a TV broadcasts a Spanish league football match, and a couple of young people welcome you with a broad smile and you helps you make your choice among the local dishes on offer. Don’t hesitate to have the fish of the day « Squid al grill », a queso tarta and lots of good things that I’ll let you discover.

Restaurant La Ermita

traditional game; la bola

In teleclubs, the bola, a large wooden ball made of palo blanco, is played – a wood also used to make the gears of windmill wings. Unlike petanque, the number of players is not limited as long as the teams are equal. The more players there are, the livelier the game. The game consists of putting the bola as close as possible to the “boliche or the “loaf”

Restaurant El Sardinero

Traditional game: los jolateros 

There are no festivities without Jolateros races, small boats built with fuel cans, which were used to reach the boat from the shore. This ingenious reuse of tinplate began in 1940 and became a summer entertainment for the Charco boys, who made them, painted them and put them in the water to see who was the fastest to swim with fins. You will find small jolateros as flower pots or emblems in a large number of commercial premises in Arrecife.


Restaurant No Stress

traditional game;

lifting and hammering stones

In  some festivals, traditional games such as lifting and handling large stones allow one to test one’s strength. It is called pulséo when the stone must be lifted on the head without touching the body, while the lifting of the stone allows contact with the body


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